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The Personal Lifetime Career Mentor (CARMEN) is to be a Watson-based cognitive system designed to intelligently help users determine their ideal career path and to maintain a support relationship throughout their careers. CARMEN is designed to mentor for lifetime career planning progression in line with the needs of “generation zero”; those graduating from high school in 2018 and thereafter. A key part of the product is to use the IBM Watson Personality Insights Service to help determine your most likely affinity to specific career choices. The Personality Insights service is based on the psychology of language in combination with data analytics algorithms. Instead of requiring an essay or some other written work from you, CARMEN can inspect your various social media posts, especially those from Facebook, to help determine your personality characteristics.

When you sign in to Facebook by clicking on the button, you are giving us permission to gather a number of your most recent posts, which are then fed into the Watson Personality Insights service for analysis. Once the results are returned, we delete the postings from our system. Also, the access to Facebook you provided us will time out and won’t be feasible for us or anyone else to get back to your postings unless you click on the button again. One last thing, we do not use the post history information for any other purpose and we obviously do not make it available to anyone else!

That’s it! If you have any questions about this note and your privacy rights with Carmen, please email us at carmen@quilmach.com

We hope you enjoy this feature!

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